Happy Norooz (Persian New Year)

Happy new year (1389 Hijri Shamsi) to all iranian in around the world.

15 March 2010 | comments0
Launched South medical library association’s web site
South Iranian Medical library association launched a web site.
We hope that respectful board of directors of South Iranian Medical library Association and librarians utilize the site desirably.
Address: http://south.imla.ir

24 June 2009 | comments0
South Iran Medical association’s newsletter was published
Happily, the association’s newsletter of south branche has been published.
Publication department of the association committee has successfully published two versions of the newsletter, board of directors congratulated the publication to the association; hopefully all involved publication staff for achieve more.
Meanwhile the web site is going to be launched for the interested people and librarians.
1st issue
2nd issue

23 June 2009 | comments0
General assembly in Shahid Beheshti Medical Sciences University
Shahid Beheshti Medical University organized a general assembly where professors, students and librarians attended in at Paramedical faculty of the university.
Firstly the dean delivered a lecture and emphasized on medical study support. Then the chairman and board of directors of medical library association, professors of librarian science and information proposed their views on cooperation guidelines among the students and the association. Students asked some questions and finally they arranged to elect and introduce some representatives as the board of directors.

18 June 2009 | comments0
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